Thinking about an electric vehicle and wonder what your options for charging are?

With a ban on the sale of new Diesel and Petrol cars coming in 2030, we know electric vehicles are the future. You may have thought about purchasing one or maybe you’ve already got one, but just want to know more about your charging options at home. Let us help.


The basics

There are 3 categories of charging speeds. These are slow, fast, and rapid. Slow charging can on average take 6-12 hours. Fast charging can take up to 4 hours to fully charge. Rapid charging can take up to an hour for a full charge but this is typically used in a commercial setting.

In terms of the home, we are generally looking at slow or fast charging for which you have 3 standard options for connection.



Also known as Mode 1 or 2 EV charging connectors, these cables are similar to what you see with large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. The 3-pin connector plug can be inserted into a domestic plug while the other end is the vehicle plug. This connector often comes standard from the car manufacturer.


Type 1

Type 1 plugs allow for fast charging at a power output level of 3.7kW-7.4kW AC and a range per hour of approximately 12.5-25 miles. The design features 5-pins. This plug is mostly used with car models found in parts of Asia and North America, less so in Europe, however older models were installed with this type of plug.


Type 2

This is a 7-pin plug design that is the standard for the European market and the most common charging point installed in homes.
It offers fast charging capability with a power output level of 3.7kW-7kW AC. This provides an approximate range per hour of charging of 12.5-25 miles.

We will help you work out what charging solution is best for you and what cables you need as part of our quotation.

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